Sergio Brandão

  • Brazilian maracatu, samba, choro and baião, in fusion with classical, world, jazz, and rock influences — compositions  rooted in the folk music of Rio de Janeiro, Bahia and the Northeast of Brazil, rich orchestration, sophisticated harmonies, counter-lines and improvisation
  • Sergio Brandão is a Brazilian jazz guitarist, composer at the piano,                          passionate photographer
  • from Rio de Janeiro — Boston resident
  • double-Bachelors and Masters in Composition and Jazz Studies                             from New England Conservatory
  • rooted in classical music since early age
  • works for chamber ensembles and jazz groups
  • works for film include The Suitors, incidental music for “Next Stop Wonderland”,    and, Twilight’s Suite for Chamber Orchestra, a silent movie by Loni Peristere
  • self-produced CD, “Brazilian Landscapes”, available in Brazil, US, Europe and Japan
  • thirty-three performances with 8tet MANGA-ROSA at the Regattabar                          at The Charles Hotel, Cambridge, Mass.
  • multimedia shows of live music with photos and ‘photopaintings’ of nature, people, and abstract images projected on-screen
  • reviews by  The Boston Globe, The Boston Phoenix, and music magazines
  • keen approach to theory and harmony, twenty years experience teaching guitar and piano — classical, jazz and Brazilian music — to children, adolescents and adults
  • integration of theory and practice in our capacity to listen, i.e.,  how we perceive form, harmony and rhythm, as well as, register, texture, and all other essential elements behind what we perceive as music
  • Portuguese teacher at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education — unique approach to sound, with special attention to rhythm and tone



•  “Tasteful, contemporary, keeping alive all the traditional rhythms of our country”, Dori Caymmi, 1997

•  Sergio Brandão leads a group of authentic musicians on a contemporary exploration of Brazilian musical styles… his guitar and high pitched flutes and saxes, plus a flugel horn, lend an airy sensual flair to the presentation… it’s pretty listening of the spiritual side of Brazil”, Sid Gribetz, JAZZ TIMES, Dec. 1997

•  “Sounds and images are what landscapes are made of, and few are nicer than the ones in Brazil — just let Manga-Rosa prove that point! “,  Bertram Lehmann, BOSSA MAGAZINE, May 1997

•  “Blending the virtuosity of modern Jazz with his musical roots of Brazil, composer Brandão weaves sophisticated forms and textures into a vibrant, simple fabric of folk traditions. With his nine-piece ensemble, Manga-Rosa, Brandão has orchestrated a paean to his homelands rhythmic diversity and spiritual fire”, Catherine A. Salmons, Boston PHOENIX, Jan 1997

•  “… buoyant sound, sporting salty samba, frisky indigenous rhythms from the Brazilian hinterland”,  Mark Holston, JAZZIZ, Dec. 1997

•  “Brazilian Landscapes offers as much to those who want to get up and dance as it does to the sedentary jazz fan”, Jim Fisch, 20th Century Guitar Player, Jul 1997

•  “Brandão moves the beat around…great jazz: orchestral, rich with transparent harmonic textures, …great resource for improvisation”, Jon Garelick review of Jobim Tribute, The Boston PHOENIX, May 2007

•  “Brandão’s ‘Postcards’ paints a picture of Rio”, Bill Beuttler, The Boston Globe, Dec. 2005

•  “Guitarist’s Compositions Span The World of Jazz”, David Wildman, The Boston Globe, April, 2001

• “…a flute duo’s counterpoint soars like a pair of exotic birds ….tunes that offered more than ethnic appeal …impeccable command of contemporary jazz idioms …urban melodies”, Catherine Salmons, The Boston PHOENIX, Nov 95



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In contrast with MANGA-ROSA’s four winds line up, the latest project BANDA-LUA is a 5tet in open collaboration with Ebinho Cardoso (6-str. bs. & composition), and the other band members — Paul Lieberman (fl./sax), Maxim Lubarsky (pn.), and Bertram Lehmann (dr.)

Discover BANDA LUA

   When The Moon Glow Feeds The Soul . . .

B A N D A   L U A

Late Night Brazilian Jazz

   Sergio Brandão – guitar, compositions

   Ebinho Cardoso – 6-string bass, compositions

   Paul Lieberman – flute, sax

   Maxim Lubarsky –  piano

   Bertram Lehmann – drums

BANDA LUA merges Brazilian maracatu, samba, choro and baião             with classical and world spices, jazz, and beyond

FRIDAY, February 17  •  8 PM  (ends by 10 PM)



  12 South St. (junction with Centre St.)

Jamaica Plain, MA 02130